We have a few important rules regarding account buying:

No matter the circumstance you will have to give full ownership of the account to us before payment. After we checked out the account we will send you the payment we agreed on.
All trades are final! You can never get the account back after our deal is done. We should let you know, that if I lose access to the account in the future for any reason, 
These reasons might be:
  • You steal back the account.
  • The account gets banned by no fault of our own.
  • You sold in-game currency on the account before selling it.
  • You already sold the account once and stole it back then reselling it again.
In all of these cases, we will write to the relevant support to get the account banned.
For any of the above reasons, the money will be charged back as well.
Even if you are not the original owner these rules apply!
All scams are reported to all the Forums we can find, to the Game Developer, and to the Payment Processors with your IP attached!
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