How to Sell

Selling an account on is very easy!

Only one account may be sold per customer per month unless you are trusted. Do not submit more than one account for sale during a (1) month period unless your trusted.

Option 1:

Note: This is the only option that will be available to you if we feel you or your account may be considered “Riskier”.

You submit an account to us that we then list on your behalf; when your account has been sold we will send payment to your Paypal account on file 7-30 days after sale depending on the sale amount. The exact process is as follows:

*Submit an account for sale

  • Receive an offer where you are offered payment after the account is sold.
  • We will list your account and inform you not to change it’s information or data for 30 days from the listing day.
  • If after 30 days your account is not sold on our website, it is fully released back to you to be sold elsewhere, please email us at [email protected] after 30 days with a link to your account listing and we will issue you a quick buy offer from us or we will remove it from the website.
  • If the account is successfully sold you will get an email notifying you and your payout date the funds will be sent to you as good and services. If the account is recovered or issues reported, we will file a chargeback and report you to local authorities.
  • We’ll ask you to leave feedback on our Trustpilot after the sale is fully completed
  • That’s it! Simple 5 step process.

Option 2:

First of all please register on You can fill out the forms after registering and it will be much easier for us to communicate if you are registered.

All payments will be made via PayPal in a way that we can easily chargeback!

  • Navigate to the game category in which you want to sell an account to us. You can use the top sub-menu where the games are categorized via genre or you can find your game on the homepage to.
  • Fill out the form, there are both mandatory and optional questions. The more information you provide the better we will be able to evaluate your account. If a question doesn’t make sense in the form you can skip it by writing in something like: “skip”. Submit the Form. If you provide too little information about your account or your asking price is way above what we specified beforehand we will not contact you!
  • We will either accept your asking price or contact you with my offer via a ticket message.
  • If we accepted your asking price or if you accept our offer you will have to give us the Account Login Info so we can check out the account. After we are done checking out your account and we have taken complete ownership, we will proceed.
  • If you don’t accept our offer then no harm was done and if you want, you can submit your other accounts for evaluation.

All the information that you submit is encrypted via SSL, therefore only we have access to it.

If you cannot find the game that you want to sell that means We are not buying that game yet.

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